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3 - 7 Years Old


While BrainFit Baby aims to establish vital brain fitness and intelligence foundations in our infants and toddlers, BrainFit Junior aims to further consolidate and accelerate these pathways. The goal is for our preschoolers to have solid learning “engines” when they enter Primary One.

For example, to master reading and comprehension, a solid foundation in both phonological processing and eye tracking speed is essential. To be a top learner, it is vital to be able to follow multiple-step instructions sequentially.

To excel in Math, a strong development of spatial sense and visualization is critical. To write and copy effortlessly, sensory-motor control must be in the tip-top state.

To focus well in class, make friends successfully and thrive in school, the ability to manage one’s emotions, especially negative ones, is critical.

Nicole Federard<br>President

In each 90-minute class, children will participate in activities that enhance their holistic development in these key areas to maximize their potential for school success.

There are 2 BrainFit JuniorTM programmes in all, catering to children from 3 to 7 years old:

  • Junior Da Vinci (for N1 - 2 students)
  • Junior Newton (for K1 - 2 students)

Our BrainFit JuniorTM are especially designed to build brain fitness foundations in the 5 core areas of:

  1. Auditory processing
  2. Vision processing
  3. Sensory-Motor processing
  4. Attention & working memory
  5. Social-emotional processing

During each BrainFit JuniorTM class of 90 minutes, your child will participate in activities that stimulate their development in all these 5 critical areas of brain fitness development. Parents can also be guided by weekly simple home activities to further consolidate this essential development.

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BrainFit Junior™ Programme Protocol

  • A Programme Trainer is assigned to facilitate a maximum of 6 students.
  • Each session is approximately 90 minutes and consists of 7 activities focused on stimulating the 5 essential brain fitness areas listed above.
  • Frequency of attendance is 2 session/week

Remember, a child is truly Primary One ready when he or she has developed the full learning capabilities needed for formal schooling!


“After attending the BrainFit Junior™ Programme, my son has improved a lot. He can focus and do his work faster. He is learning better in school now. “

– SM Wang, Parent of 5-year-old Jayden


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