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Simple Way to Protect Kids Brain Fitness During Holidays

School holidays is the most awaited by children because they are free from homework and exam at school. However, do not let children spend holidays with activities that do not stimulate their brain. Prepare holiday activities so that children are getting optimal and ready for the new school year.

Prevent ability to prevent a child's brain during the holiday period with 5 simple steps below:

1. Limit time watching TV and grab a book
Children tend to enjoy / like watching television because this is a passive activity that often do not require too much thinking.
Meanwhile, it is also good for children to relax a little bit and turn off the television for a moment, watching television for too long may cause deterioration their cognitive capabilities. Instead of spending a lot of time to watch television, point your child to read a book for reading in addition to stimulating the cognitive abilities as well and can be a fun activity.

2. Exercise and play:
Do not let your child sit during the school holidays!
Exercising is important for mental health, motor development, social interaction and also increase the formation of new brain cells.

3. Try to keep sleep patterns
Sleep is important for cognitive abilities and children need more sleep than adults.
Sleep patterns are often messy for all sorts of activities / excitement during the school holidays which can affect a child's behavior,
mood or the mood, fitness levels and brain health in general.

4. Eat well
Researchers have found that diet has a great effect on brain development and mental function. With poor nutrition, which will affect the decline in academic achievement and behavior problems.
During the holiday period will be difficult to feed children - our children with healthy menus such as whole, unprocessed or a highly nutritious food every time but it is very important to limit the consumption of snacks or snacks to children that contain little or no good nutrition.

Consuming foods - foods that are good for the brain at least 80% in the holiday period, is not only good for your child's physical development, but also enhance brain development of healthy, positive behavior and learning ability.

5. Participate in brain fitness training
To optimize the child's cognitive brain does not always have to learn and learn. Exercise brain fitness is one of the best choice for a very enjoyable activity, with movement activities in order to improve concentration, memory, speed of thinking and social skills of children.
BrainFit Studio offers activity holidays SMART™ based cognitive training programme and computer-based games are Fast forward™, which provides a perfect collaboration between playing and learning.

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